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About Paul Cold

Latest Technology

To offer a competitive edge to our projects & end clients, and ensure quality supplies, we adopt emerging and current technologies

On-site services

Our benchmarked quality on-site services and products are renowned in the markets. With time they have become a part of our legacy

Timely Delivery

We know the cost of time. That’s why, we ensure timely and perfect delivery of your products, so that you stay way ahead of competition

Competitive Prices

With quality services and timely delivery, we are also known for competitive prices we offer that keeps us ahead of the competition

About Paul Cold

Paul Cold Industries is a family-managed business headquartered in Navi Mumbai, and with a brief history in Punjab. We are a trusted name in critical cooling solutions, and we cater to heavy industries, residential projects, hospitality industries and fisheries with our quality solutions. We are renowned for our timely delivery schedules, and the quality on-site service that we offer to the end users. Our quality and standards have become a benchmark in the industry, and almost all our competitors adhere to our benchmarks.

In construction industries, the raw materials used need to adhere to standard quality requirements. We offer different grades ice for RMC (Ready Mix Concrete), an essential in high rise constructions or, high grade concrete ice that can help build long lasting concrete solutions.

We are a team of 25+ people and supply close to 200 tons of ice slabs on daily basis